Advertising Photography - I take photographs
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Advertising Photography

from €7.00 per image

To support your business, I take photographs at high-quality of a wide range of products. The product photography is presented in 2 or 3 dimensions on transparent or pure white background.

Guarantee of high-quality imagery with mapped colors in high-resolution and full satisfaction.


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Range of Advertising Photography

Visual content examples

Take a look below on the wide variety of advertising photography

The details

The main features of products and the applied special effects affecting your Advertising Photography Quote

The uses of imagery

Business Website

You can use the images on your Business or Brand Website to present your products or services.


E-commerce Website or Platforms

Use the picture to sale you product on your own e-commerce website or platforms such as E-bay, Amazon, Adwords, etc.


Print Business Media

You can use the imagery to print into your Business Product Catalogue or Brochure

Type of photographed products

Cosmetics Products

Products of Fragrances, Hair, Healthcare, Makeup, Skin Care, Manicure, Pedicure, Health & Beauty



Action Figures, Dolls, Educational, Games, Garden Toys, Lego & Building Toys, Model, Soft Toys, Toy Cars, Trains, Boats & Planes


Sport Products

Accessories, Bikes, Camping, Dancing & Gymnastics, Equestrian, Exercise Equipment, Fishing, Golf, Martial Arts, Running, Track, Skateboard, Snowboarding, Snooker, Pool, Darts, Supplements, Water Sports


Electronics Products

Cables, Audio, Phone, Screens, Equipment, Accessories



Home, Workshop, Garden, Accessories



Kidswear Menswear Womenswear Shoes Bags Accessories



Car, Van, Motorbike, Boats, Scooter, Trailer, Spare Parts


DIY Products

Tools, Accessories, Wood, Build, Stone, Other Materials



Bracelets, Brooches, Earrings, Watches, Necklaces, Rings


Art and Crafts

Decor, Frames, Paint, Draws, Supplies. Equipment, Kits, Fabric, Pictures, Paintings, Ceramics, Sculptures, Woodwork, Sewing, Knitting, Stationery


Music Instruments

Brass, DJ Equipment, Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Pro Audio, Accessories



Decor, Frames, Paint, Draws, Equipment

Location of photo shots

Photo Studio

I take photographs of advertising photography mostly at my Photo Studio and will ask you to deliver the items or I will happy to help you with the transport.


Outdoor Location

In this situation when your order required to take the photo shoots outdoor, I will collect the product and arrange photo session on the location.

Attribute of photographed products


Macro, Small, Medium, Large


Types of surface

Smooth, coarse, soft (hairy), metallic, glassy, reflective, mirror-like, mixed.


Max weight of photographed items

up to 1kg (1,2lb), 5kg (11lb), 25kg (55lb), 100kg+ (220lb)



One color, multi colors, white, black, chrome, bronze, mixed


Photo of product with or without packaging

product without packaging, product with packaging in the background, product inside the polystyrene and stretch film or wooden box, or paper bag or plastic bag or cardboard box or plastic box or glass.


Max height of photographed items

up to 15cm (5,5in), 30cm (11in), 70cm (28in), 190cm+ (75in)

Basic terms and policy


If the photo-shoots of products will be arranged in my photo studio, I ask the client to deliver the items in person or courier service.



On the request of my client, I can offer my own collection and return delivery up to two euro pallets per one transport


Numbers of product per order

up to 10, up to 100, up to 1000


Numbers of product per month

up to 200, 500, 1000


Photo Session Duration

The duration of the photo session depends on the features of the items and the number of products to be photographed. Maximum I can offer up to 200 products per day and also in a specific cases minimum of one product per day.


Post Production

The ordered photos always undergo post-production, which is an inseparable part of the photo service. The duration of post-production is dependent on the type of order.


Delivered file types

On request, I will deliver files in 72dpi or/and 300dpi resolution and any of the selected formats of files from JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIFF.